(1) There comes a time when you have to
stop crossing oceans for people who
wouldn’t even jump puddles for you.
(2) If you spend time praying for people
instead of talking about them, you’ll get a
better results.
(3) I have changed because I have realized
that I’m only the person I can depend on.
(4) You can’t change a passive aggressive
person – you can only control how you react
to their behavior
(5) Losing friends is a hard thing and
especially if you were close. We need to
understand that everything has its time and
sometimes God puts certain people in your
life for a short time.
(6) People will notice the change in your
attitude towards them, but won’t notice
their behavior that made you change.
(7) People change for two main reasons
their mind have open or their hearts have
been broken.
(8) Cry when u re sad, when there is no
more tears, life goes on.
(9) Don’t argue with a fool because, they will
beat you with experience and drag you to
their level.
(10) Sometimes people use insults as a way
of flirting. Pretending to hate someone they
actually desire to be with.
(11) Experience is what you get when you
didn’t get what you wanted.
(12) Girls are always complaining that they
can never meet a nice guy. Nice guys are
everywhere. The problem isn’t that, there
aren’t any nice guy, the problem is that most
of the nice guys are ugly.
(13) Everyone has a sense of humor. If you
don’t laugh at jokes, you probably laugh at
(14) When u get little,
You want more,
When u get more,
You desire even more,
but when u lose it, u realize
(14) There are three types of friends:
(i) There are some who will add to your life.
(ii) Others will always take away from you.
(iii) while some will neither add nor take
from you.
(15) Chose friends, don’t let friends chose
(16) Put your self in others shoes, if it hurt, it
will probably hurt others.
(17) Never you compare yourself with
others because you re unique in your own
(18) Don’t imitate others because it will
make you look lesser to them in all things.


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