I was privileged to help a Lecturer friend compile the results
of those being examined and was stunned by
the way some students answered the examination
One of them responding to the question, “What is public relation?” began his answer this way:
“Dear Madam, thank you very much for this pertinent and
well deserved question.
It shows how good and motherly you are. In fact, of all the
lecturers in this university, you are one of the best and God will surely reward you.
Before I answer the great question, let me first of all ask
about your husband and children, praying and believing that
they are swimming in the ocean of
good health. .
Now to answer your question, public relation is simply all
your relations who come out in the public.
For instance, the brother of our Governor can say that the
Governor is his public relation.
I wanted to give his paper to Aboki so that he will use it to tie suya, abeg what should I do with it?


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