There was a boy called Raymond. He was very intelligent in the class, he won many awards, gifts and also a scholarship. He was the most intelligent. The school couldnt exist one day without mentioning Raymond. His own intelligence was versatile. He was good in all the subjects, if Raymond finishes from secondary school and university also, every company would like to have him as a staff, his brain was like that of a computer. But something happened, One day Raymond wanted to jump over a fence, when he finally Jumped the fence, he landed on a dangerous ground, and he died instantly. What a sad story to everyone that Raymond has died. He died with all his intelligence, smartness, and all his knowledge.
This is what I called unfulfilled destiny. A destiny that has been discovered but the enemy succeeded and made it unfulfilled.
Some of you reading this have a great destiny in life but the enemy has been standing against it. Don’t think that the present level you are now in this life, is the level where you suppose to be. Child of God, I pray for you today that you must fulfill your destiny, you will never die without fulfilling your destiny in Jesus name! Let every destiny destroyer standing on your way be destroyed by fire in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen Let those that believe shout Amen


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