When i was young, i thought dad hated
us his children, he used to speak in a
commanding Voice that always scared us.
He could give us hard rules to follow, such
as not touching on the Radio, no opening
the Cupboard in his room, no going to
our neighbors and whoever broke any of
his rules would be punished heavily.
Whenever we did something bad, our
Mum used to tell us that when our dad
comes back, she will report us to him and
he will “Kill” us and whenever he comes
back, we always beg our Mum not to
report us.
At the age below 7, i felt i hated him.
When we started growing old, he
removed some of the restrictions; he
started allowing us to do things which we
were not allowed to.
At the Age of 15, i started realizing his
love, whenever i’m going back to school,
he would give me Schoolfees, then add
me Pocket Money for me to use at school.
He would smile to me as i move back to
school and will warmly welcome me with
a delicious Meal at the end of the term!
Now, am 21, he do call me to ask when i
will come to visit them. And whenever i
visit them, i feel like crying when am
leaving them….hmmm
The instructions and rules he gave us
were meant to keep us safe. Fathers play
a very important role in providing us with
all that we need e.g. Food, shelter,
clothing, education and all the care we
have is because of fathers’ love.
If ur Dad is a very Important Person in this
world, then click LIKE and write “GOD
BLESS YOU DAD” whether dead or alive.


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