1-You think you’re not pretty?
Someone is wishing to be as
pretty as you.
2-You want more money?
People are in poverty.
3- You want a boyfriend/
Someone doesn’t even have
4-You’re hungry?
A child is starving.
5- You want to go to the mall?
Someone is looking for anything
to wear just to stay
(6). You’re chilly?
Others are frozen.
7-You just want to die?
Most people are striving to live.
8-You are not brilliant?
Some will be very happy if he/
she knows the little
you know.
9- You need a car ?
Some are crying cos they cant
even walk on their
10-So don’t waste your time
on things that you think you don’t have, because
there is always
someone out there who needs
what you have..
Life is so precious..appreciate every good thing it gives you no matter how small I might seem..


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