After two weeks in Dubai, Akpos came back to Naija with the American slang/accent. He flew in late and while on his way home was stopped by a men of the Nigeria Police Force.”Hey, where u dey go?””Wat de f*ck do u mean, Yo talking tu me?”replied Akpos This incited anger in these men who understands nothing but the Naija street language (Pidgin). He was taking to the police station and put in a c
ell. There in the cell, Akpos kept on ranting and shouting,”Yo bunch of shits, I gat the damn right to make a phone call in this cell. Get me a f*cking fone!!”This went on until a BOSS (Oga) in the cell told one of his boys in his husky and thunderous voice,”Scorpion, abeg give this guy a phone call”Scorpion headed straight to Akpos corner and landed him a THUNDEROUS SLAP”GBOOOOAAAAAAA”. The sound was nothing far from the sound of a Thunder strike.”E done dey ring, abi make I redial?”Akpos accent changed,”Bros abeg, e don connect”


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