Amazing ways to reach out to millions of fashion designers and sharing...

Amazing ways to reach out to millions of fashion designers and sharing African attires with friends

0 44 Tun-designs is designs particularly for users and fashion designers where they both have benefit


1 } users can upload their native wears and get like and comments.

2} users can share their native wears and also find other people style.

3} users can capture into their cart for feature purpose.

4} users can request for fashion designer from users, and get mention of the fashion designer that if the fashion designer is a member of tun-designs.

5} user can search for fashion designer and find which fashion designer is better in there neighborhood. 6} user can message fashion designer and share pics with them.

7} user can follow and also be followed.

8} 20 fashion designer are been suggested on users profile.

9} Users can see all latest upload on public.


1} fashion designers upload their works for users to see

2} fashion designer profile contains the following

Gallery, Collections, Contact Location.

Gallery-: To display different type of designs they specialize on

Collections-: It show all work been done by fashion designer

Contact-: show the fashion designers company address phone number and other means of reaching him/her Location-: for users to easily locate fashion designer.

2} fashion designer get ranks on their page the more the rank the high they become in search in their location.

3} fashion designer get message from users and reply to messages.

4} fashion designer get mention and recommended.

5} fashion designer get follower and also follow back And interstate delivering between fashion designer and users.

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