Death came To a Akpos and said “my
friend Akpos today is your day”. Akpos said
“but i am not ready” and death said,
“well you are next on my list.” so Akpos tried
to plead with death but
it Refused,
“Ok why dont u take a sit while I
you something to eat before we go.?”
the Akpos said while shaking…
and death said “alright then.” Akpos gave
death some food and had a wicked thought of adding
poison on it, but said
to Himself, ‘since it is Death, poison
won’t have any effect on it,’ so he added
some sleeping pills in it, Death finished eating
and fell asleep when asleep, Akpos took the Death
list, Rubbed his name from top of the
list and Wrote it at the bottom of the list. So
when Death woke up he said to Akpos, “Because you
have been so nice to Me with much hospitality that I
even Fell asleep, I wil start the LIST FROM THE
‪#‎Akpos‬ Fainted#


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