A Guy Was Attacked By A Shark However It Save His Life

A Guy Was Attacked By A Shark However It Save His Life

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There’s most likely just one man in the world who can assert that a shark attack actually saved his life.

Eugene Finney, from Finchburg, Massachusetts, was swimming with his daughter off the California coast when a shark knocked into his back, leaving him with contusions and cuts, including a huge, painful gash on his back. The good news is, the pair both survived the attack.

Days later on, the chest and pain in the back triggered Eugene to visit St Elizabeth’s Medical Centre. Medical professionals informed him that the discomfort was a result of the blunt force injury suffered in the attack, however while he was there they likewise discovered a tumour the size of a walnut on his ideal kidney.

I got a message from Mother Nature. That’s what began this series of conferences that brought me to the health center to let me understand about this. Otherwise I would never have actually found out, and they wouldn’t have actually caught it

Eugene told the Washington Post

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The good news is, the cancer was found early and now, simply three months on, he’s cancer totally free. All thanks to a shark..

The only real way I would have discovered out was the tumour growing so huge it was metastasising and spreading out and after that, I would have the symptoms of stage four cancer. I would have begun losing weight and getting sick and at that point it would have been too late. If I might find this shark and offer it a hug, I would.

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