36 stone

For the love of a friend, 31 years old Jamie Brooks with a weight of about 36 stone was able to cut his weight to 14st 4Ibs.

Like everyone of us who have a chubby friend, Jamie, a Chef from Summerset was able to turn his life around to keep his friendship which he greatly appreciate.

36 stone2

Jamie decide to start cutting down on his weight after his friend Neil send him some message to let him know the seriousness of how big he looks.

For six weeks Neil keep sending Jamie message like “you fat f***” and “You’ll be dead by the time you’re 40.” He was not sending these messages to mock his friend but to motivate him so that he Jamie can see the seriousness of his condition.

In no time Jamie was able to act and loose a lot of weight.

It took the full six weeks to motivate me to do something but I’m so glad I did. Neil has saved my life, I can’t thank him enough.
— Jamie Brooks

Wow since cutting down his weight, Jamie have fall in love and begin a romantic relationship.

36 stone 3

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