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The New Single of Erica Mason “Work It Out” is about
fighting for good relationships.
“Work It Out” is a refreshing upbeat tune that all
Erica Mason’s New Single “Work It Out” is about
striving towards perfect relationships.
The term “Work It Out” is a refreshing good song which all
of us can relate to. Have you ever had a
friendship or relationship that encountered
frustration? Well, if it’s a
relationship worth having, then i’ll say “Work It Out” is intended to encourage people
to fight for their relationships/friendship irrespective of how
difficult it may be. The relationships that we
have in our lives are the best and most valuable form of wealth
and it’s important that we learn to dig deep, push
through and fight for the ones we love the most.
As an Artist, Erica Mason has seen people come
and go in her life. Erica has had experience with
liars and backstabbers, but she has also had her
life filled with people who love her
unconditionally. Erica targets the lifelong
relationships that she is invested in with this
wonderful song. Not minding the role that people
play, every relationship in your life will be tested and trialed
but it’s important that we “Work It Out” with the
ones who truly have our best interest at heart who we can relate to.

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Don Moen,the famous praise and worship guru, was hit by “fake news” tas reports of his death went viral in the internet. A website, that seem to appear as a legitimate news source from Houston, TX, falsely reported the death of the beloved Moen and caused his fans to ponder and engaged in mourning via various social media platforms such as Twitter,Facebook e. t. c. The news spread like wildfire that a major news website has to go into details.

Don Moen further states: “Friends around the world began contacting me to make sure I was ok. It has been overwhelmeing to receive such an outpouring of concern and prayers for me and my household . However, I want everyone to know that I am ALIVE AND WELL! God still has a plan for me, and for each of us; and He is still making a way where there seems to be no way. I love you. God bless you!”
presently enjoying some time with family and friends in Michigan, Moen will resume touring this August with a visit to South Africa with additional dates in Asia, North America and Africa this fall.

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Travis Greene from his soon to be released album ‘Crossover’, here is a brand new worship song that will move your heart titled ‘Worship Rise’.
I recommend every lover of good music to play this song
You will get to hear song from his latest album.
Watch ‘Worship Rise’ below;

0 44 Tun-designs is designs particularly for users and fashion designers where they both have benefit


1 } users can upload their native wears and get like and comments.

2} users can share their native wears and also find other people style.

3} users can capture into their cart for feature purpose.

4} users can request for fashion designer from users, and get mention of the fashion designer that if the fashion designer is a member of tun-designs.

5} user can search for fashion designer and find which fashion designer is better in there neighborhood. 6} user can message fashion designer and share pics with them.

7} user can follow and also be followed.

8} 20 fashion designer are been suggested on users profile.

9} Users can see all latest upload on public.


1} fashion designers upload their works for users to see

2} fashion designer profile contains the following

Gallery, Collections, Contact Location.

Gallery-: To display different type of designs they specialize on

Collections-: It show all work been done by fashion designer

Contact-: show the fashion designers company address phone number and other means of reaching him/her Location-: for users to easily locate fashion designer.

2} fashion designer get ranks on their page the more the rank the high they become in search in their location.

3} fashion designer get message from users and reply to messages.

4} fashion designer get mention and recommended.

5} fashion designer get follower and also follow back And interstate delivering between fashion designer and users.

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An online medium, SaharaReporters,broke the news yesterday that 82 of more than 200 chibok girls abducted by the Book Haram terrorist in the year 2014 have been released. The news was confirmed by a top government official (Anonymous) of the APC led administration.Meanwhile, the Defense Headquarters said it had no knowledge of the release of the abducted girls. Vanguard had it that, Director of Defense, Major General John Enenche ,was contacted for confirmation and he said if it wasn’t for vanguard newspaper he wouldn’t have known about the release of the girls.

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According to Thursday sport update, Brazil has choose to remain at the top by been Winner of the World cup for five good times.
This happen to be the first time in seven years by defeating Argentina.
World champions Germany are third followed by Chile and Colombia in a South American-dominated top five.

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The New Single of Erica Mason “Work It Out” is about fighting for good relationships. “Work It Out” is a refreshing upbeat tune that all Erica Mason’s...